A-dec Stools


Made to Perform.

Our feature-rich A-dec 500 stools have a dynamic seating system with unique performance zones that mould to the shape of the body. These performance zones work in unison to keep you supported while you shift, lean and work. Other features, such as the contoured backrest, cradle the spine for ultimate comfort. With A-dec’s ergonomic seating solutions, you can focus on what’s most important – your patients.

A-dec 500 Stools features:
Tilt Seat Distributes weight from seat to feet allowing proper circulation.
Contoured Backrest Cradles the spine, while encouraging blood flow. Contoured backrest is standard on the A-dec 521 dentist’s stool and optional on the A-dec 522 assistant’s stool.
Upholstery Minimal seams make clean up easy.