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When it comes to effective waterline asepsis, ICX® is proven. Drop a
single tablet into your dental-unit water bottle before each filling and
ICX immediately goes to work. The effervescing formula is patented
to prevent accumulation of odour-causing bacteria. No measuring.
Zero mixing. Never a mess. For keeping it clean, it’s simple.

Ease of Use
• Specially formulated effervescing tablet
• Simple single-dose package; just drop tablet into an
empty self-contained water bottle and fill
Effectiveness/Residual Protection
• Maintains clean dental unit waterlines and
self-contained water bottle
• Eliminates odour and foul taste bacteria
• Reduces build-up of deposits
• Continuously present in water system; provides a preventive,
proactive solution–rather than a reactive one
• Remains for periods of equipment non-use lasting
up to 2 weeks
• Eliminates need to purge waterlines at night
• Clinical studies on effectiveness:*
— Journal of Clinical Dentistry
JCD 2004, Vol. XV, Number 1, pp. 17-21
— Journal of the American Dental Association
JADA June 2004, Vol. 135, pp. 799-805

• Non-corrosive to dental equipment
• Not harmful to patients or staff; cleared for use
by FDA 510(k), EPA registered 79662-1
• Has no odour or taste
• Includes three active ingredients: sodium percarbonate,
silver nitrate, and cationic surfactants

• Compatible for use with restorative dental materials;
does not affect bond strength
• Clinical study on dentin bonding:*
— Journal of Clinical Dentistry
JCD 2004, Vol. XV, Number 1, pp. 28-32